Wildlife & forest garden design by Jake Rayson, based in Wales. Grow edible crops with nature, grow wildlife-friendly & ornamental wild flowers.

Forest gardening

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Sustainable garden

A forest garden is sustainable & low-maintenance, using layers of edible perennials, a living ground cover & providing its own nutrients and pest control.

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Forest Garden Livestream

Forest garden livestream first Wednesday of the month, 10am UK time on YouTube, along with all past recordings.

Forest Garden Courses

From a free mini-course, via a full 3½ hour online course, to realtime workshops, there are options to help you get your garden off the ground.


Gardens designed


From Clients

I asked Jake for a forest garden plan for my medium sized back garden. The plans, drawings and lists were comprehensive and meticulous. He made it easy to envision a beautiful, functioning ecosystem.


Kirsty Hayhoe

English village garden

Jake worked through our requirements and helped develop a comprehensive vision of what we wanted. The plans were meticulous and Jake was patient, knowledgeable and client led throughout. It was a pleasure working with him.


Daniel Richards

One acre Welsh forest garden

Jake took on a complex job to design and implement the gardens for 10 affordable homes at Berllan Aur, our Zero Carbon development. He produced an imaginative, low maintenance scheme including native species and sourced them cost effectively.


Glen Peters

CEO, Western Solar Ltd

Jake did a fantastic job, understanding the space, our needs, and also the real on site challenges. With interviews and discussion, video and remote surveying he produced a fantastic easy to follow plan, complete with planting guides and ideas for cropping edibles.


Kristina & Dan

0.6 hectare Belgian country garden

Free forest garden mini-course

Small forest garden, title 'Plan a Backyard Forest'

Interested in how to plan a forest garden? Then this FREE mini-course is for you! Includes a PDF checklist of observations, how to set up both a CAD and paper map, and includes a bonus design section. Grab your copy now.
“Methodic and helpful.” ~ Asher Efraim Feldman

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