Memex note to self

Finally back on the blogging wagon

I read the most amazing blog post by Cory Doctorow about blogging, called The Memex Method.

Essentially, he blogs every day, using tags so that he can search his own writing and develop ideas.

Originally, I was blogging solely about gardening. Now, I want to branch out and write about diverse yet related topics (philosophy, politics, economics; heck, could start a degree with all that).

So, this is the start of that. The aim here is not ready-made, polished pieces. It is small nuggets of interest, that may somehow join up with each other.

For starters, I can recommend two writers on the publishing platform Substack:

  1. Antonia Malachik — she writes about the Commons, ownership, land, walking etc
  2. Alex Steffen, The Snap Forward — he writes about climate resilience and the uncertainty facing us all

And did you know that commoning is a thing (Frontiers of Commoning, with David Bollier)?! And Strong Towns exist?

Enough already, see you tomorrow.