Dessicated leaf plastered onto barkless prostrate log

Leaf on a tree

Full steam ahead with the CAD for Gardeners online class, I did a run through of the video, looks like it’ll be more like 1.5 hours than 1 hour but hey. Tomorrow, I start recording, which will be nice if a bit scary.

Had some good interactions on Mastodon, it is so much more considered and thoughtful, people don’t lash out like on Twitter. There’s no algorithms to get you riled, as Adam Curtis says “angry people click” and this is different to that.

One of the fascinating aspects is learning new stuff (Carder Bees love Bugle, QGIS can import iNaturalist CSV datasets).

With victory comes defeat but there are times when we can all be winners. That’s probably not very original but it is a thought I would like to keep hold of and practise, to find common ground.