Wildlife Gardening Forum evening

Screenshot of evening line-up for evening event, with photo of man smiling

Fully booked! I only just made it to this very popular event

An Evening for Wildlife Gardeners online, with Dave Goulson, Thurs 12th Jan 2023 7.30-9.00PM

Notes from this evening, in a very notish format! I make no apologies.

Steve Head

Wildlife Gardening Forum

  • started 2005 English Nature
  • launched manifesto 2007
  • underpinned by strong science
  • registered charity 2014
  • entirely volunteer run

Dave Goulson

  • Set up Bumblee Conservation Trust
  • Insects 1.1m species, about 70% of all species
  • Could be 3-4m more species
  • 22m gardens, 400,000 hectares
  • A network of nature reserves
  • 8% UK gardens have plastic grass
  • Quantifying the attractiveness of garden flowers for pollinators - paper
  • 3 natives
    • Origanum vulgare
    • Echium vulgare
    • Centaurea scabiosa

Question What effect will 3.5C have on insect populations?
Answer: speed of change & habitat loss means, inhospitable farmland No bumblebees any moreAnswer, no more bumblebees in the UK.

  • DoPI (The Database of Pollinator Interactions) project by Dave Goulson, documents British pollinator-plant associations. cf DBIF

Rob Jaques

British Trust for Ornithology
Garden Bird Watch

Mark Schofield

PlantLife Road Verge Campaign

Slide of four different  'flavours' of grassland

Mark’s slide on different flavours of grassland

  • Dedicated to wild plants & fungi in natural habitats
  • Grasslands
  • Plantlife - Managing grassland road verges - best practise guide
    • Cutting and collecting
  • 500,000 ha urban gardens
  • If 25% is lawn, 125,000 ha
  • Mosaic garden
    • scrub mosaic coppice 10-15
    • Rough grassland
  • meadows.plantlife.org.uk
    • Cut 3-4 times per year
    • restorative phase late
    • meadow cuts
Slide of five different zones, high to low maintenance

Mark’s slide high to low maintenance zones. Looks a bit like a forest garden!

http://www.wlgf.org/birds_intro.html https://www.gardenwildlifehealth.org/ https://www.bto.org/understanding-birds/birdfacts https://www.sussex.ac.uk/lifesci/ebe/dopi/ https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10841-019-00177-3