Screenshot of video being edited in KDEnlive video editor

This is my custom layout!

Video editing is hard graft

I’m in the midst of editing my 1 hour-ish long CAD for Gardeners class. I guesstimated it would take about 1 day to edit 1 hour of footage. How very wrong I was. It takes about 3 days, or about 1 hour per 5-10 minutes of video (depending on complexity, graphics, titles etc).

Plus, I have never really used KDEnlive either, so there’s a big learning curve there too. The documentation is pretty good though, and the project itself is quite amazing, in the extent of its capabilities.

A couple of years ago, mid-lockdown, I spent a lot of time editing my Backyard Forest course, using Screenflow on my ancient Mac. It was simpler, and the biggest advantage is that you could adjust the clips graphically on the screen, rather than using a dialog box.

What this does all mean is that I’ll have a nice workflow set up for the remainder of the Wild Edible Classes, which will have more plants. Hurrah!