Close-up of blue bulbous fruit on the bush

Vaccinium corymbosum fruit, photo by Opioła Jerzy

Northern Highbush Blueberry species for a woodland bed in a local garden

I‘m planting up the Rhug garden, the woodland beds, and I’m putting in a few Northern Highbush Blueberry (Vaccinium corymbosum) bushes. They are ideal edimental plants, beautiful white flowers, deep blue berries (loved by wildlife, so net them if you want to eat them!) and semi-evergreen foliage that can turn a gorgeous red colour.

I wanted to buy some plants from my local garden centre, keeping the money in the local economy even though many of the plants will come from the same suppliers. They have 6 different varities in stock, which is pretty cool. I used the RHS plant finder to research the sizes, as they range from under 1m high to over 2m. I’ll put a couple of smaller ones (‘Northland’ and ‘Spartan’) in the front and a taller one (‘Brigitta’) at the back.

Stone steps up round past raised stone woodland beds

The woodland beds on the west side of the house

Also, just for reference, I found a potentially good supplier for larger quantities of cheaper plants (half the price of the local nursery).