Bare green field with view beyond to bigger hills, blue sky

That is a lot of field to plant up!

A new project, 5½ acre hilltop field forest garden

Very busy couple of days, yesterday marked up the Primary school project with a labyrinth outline and seating area. The kids were great, interested and engaged. I use butchers twine as it’s not plastic, and some metal landscape pegs as my supply of bamboo sticks has dried up. I’ll write up some notes and photos separately.

The big event for today was a site visit to a new project, 5½ acre field, south east sloping, woodland and spring below. It’s up high, and windbreak hedges are the order of the day. Client has lots of ideas about different projects and approaches, which is always a blessing. At this stage, really important to keep options open whilst still deciding on direction and structure. A balancing act.

And the name for the project is hiraeth, which is a beautiful Welsh word that roughly translates to longing.

Oh, and I made a short video: