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GBIF website, the Global Biodiversity Information Facility

Just a couple of quick links, UK & global ecology references

For a long time, I’ve been singing the praises of the Database of Insects and their Food Plants. It is truly amazing, what inverterbrates eat which UK plant. An invaluable resource for wildlife gardening, and I have a reference for it on my UK wild flower spreadsheet.

And then someone put me on to NBN Atlas, the National Biodiversity Network Atlas. A list of all species of plants, fungi and animals in the UK and their location. Incredible.

To be followed hot on the heels by news of GBIF, the Global Diversity Information Facility. Global species. Wow. I’ve only had a quick look but, wow.

I mentioned this to an ornamental friend, and how much these resources could be used by gardeners. Incredible amount of cross-disciplinary potential.