Black & white cottage past trees

The fairy tale setting of a new forest garden project

A new wildlife & edible garden project for an idyllic timber framed Cotswold house

Yesterday I was at the edge of the Cotswolds, with a new forest garden project. It is an amazing place, with a sheep dip stream running on the south boundary, and then in front of the house, with a stone dipping circle.

Waterfall through aperture into stone circle

The stone dipping circle for washing sheep, coming in from a track on the left and out to the right

It’s a half acre mature ornamental garden, with a lot of big rhodedendron, skimmias, symphoricarpos etc This does mean there is likely acid soil.

I’ll be writing up a plan of action for the site as a whole, with ideas for areas, hedging, paths and circulation (and costs!) and then suggesting plants the veg growing area.