Long tuber on the window ledge of a polytunnel looking in

Yacon (Smallanthus sonchifolius) tuber, crisp and sweet

Spent the day clearing up the polytunnel, there’s a few perennial veg in there and a lot of material for the compost bin

We grow Cape Gooseberry (the most excellent jam), Yacon (salads?) and Chilean Guava (sweeties!) as perennials in the polytunnel, along with a grape vine and the annual tomatoes, peppers and chillies.

Today I finally managed to clear out last year’s growth, and harvested some Yacon tubers.

Some people say you don’t need a compost bin with a forest garden but I say you most definitely do. There is a huge amount of material, mostly Cape Gooseberry stalks, which I’ve piled on to our very much cold composting compost bins. Much easier than hot composting but you do need the space to be able to leave them for months and months.