Where does the water go?

Screenshot of watersworthsaving.co.uk

watersworthsaving.co.uk has some good tips on water conservation

In a Climate Emergency, figure out how to hold on to your precious water.

The rain here in West Wales has been minimal in February, normally an incredibly wet month. It really is time for everyone to think about conserving water for their homes.

A forest garden goes a good way toward this, choosing suitable perennial plants with established root systems, and having permanent living ground cover.

But we also grow annuals, and new plants need watering too. This came up on a Facebook post, and I recommended some resources from the horticultural water consultant Janet Manning:

The key things she recommends are:

  • Healthy soils, as they can hold very large quantities of water
  • ‘Right plant, right place‘
  • Work out your water requirements before landscaping the garden!