My Wildlife Allotment

Incredibly beautiful and overflowing garden with grasses on an allotment. Well, it is an allotment.

Photo by Nadine of her original allotment

Nadine Mitschunas has created the most amazing wildlife allotments, and writes a blog for the Hardy Plant Society

I first saw My Wildlife Allotment on BBC Gardeners World a couple of years ago, and was impressed then with the visual richness of the allotment. Then a couple of days ago, Nadine posted a lovely photo of a Cornus mas in flower, and I realised that it needs a pollinating partner (why didn’t I check this when planting the solitary specimen?!).

And then I realised that Wildlife Allotment is exactly what I am calling the community forest garden project, as it’s based around individual plots, surrounded with a community orcchard and native plants and wild flowers, with an incentive to use perennial vegetables.

Nadine is way more of a plantsperson than me, she has an amazing looking blog on Hardy Plant Society which I’ve started reading. Loads of ornamentals and non-natives that aren’t really my thing but starting out with wildlife and habitat as the basis.

She also has a Blogspot blog as well. And a YouTube channel!