UK Wildlife Safari

Badger at night taken with camera trap in forest

Badger, photo by Trond Sætre Stegarud

How about a safari park dedicated to UK wildlife?

With news of David Attenborough’s TV series Wild Isles about to hit the airwaves, I was reminded of an idea I had a while back, about a UK Wildlife Safari. There would be badger setts, rabbit warrens, bird hides, nest box cams, a place to view recent trail cam footage, an exploration of soil life, a view onto pond life, dipping platforms, a celebration of native trees, wild flowers, foraging areas etc etc. Set up for visitors, whilst creating habitat. There would be a lot of design thinking but it could be done, and it would be quite amazing to give visitors an overview of all the different types of life.

And coffee, it would need decent coffee ☕