Future Forest Gardens

Screenshot of Future Generations Act website

The Well-being of Future Generations Act 2015 has its very own website

The Future Generations Act in Wales is a groundbreaking piece of legislation, may we should all have gardens for future generations?

The Well-being of Future Generations Act 2015 “gives us the ambition, permission and legal obligation to improve our social, cultural, environmental and economic well-being”. I’m not sure how well it works in practise, as a lot of these things do need proper funding.

In my own experience, there’s been a fair bit of inertia in my push for “wildlife allotments” in my local town. This is understandable, as services are stretched and it feels as though awareness of the provisions of the act is limited in some quarters.

It would be great to have gardens that are created for future generations. I’ll be retired (sic) when the recently planted Sweet Chestnuts start cropping heavily, so these trees aren’t for me, they’re for future generations.