Apple pots

Shady triangle behind a single storey school

Site of the Wildlife Food Forest for my local primary school

I took the apple trees to the primary school and talked to the pupils about grafting, clones and propagation

Work continues on the wildlife food forest, albeit slowly, at my local primary school. I was going to mock up the gabion baskets for the horseshoe enclosure, using bits of bamboo. But I ran out of time, so instead took down the apple trees.

There are 3 varieties, all on dwarfing M26 rootstock, so they won’t grow more than 2 metres tall. The varieties are:

I talked to the members of the Eco-council about grafting and rootstocks. And botanical binomial names. Yes, it’s a primary school but they seemed to take it in!

I was going to plant them out but we discovered last week that there’s an old playground about 10cm beneath the top soil, beneath a layer of weed fabric. My guess is that the fabric was put down with a thick layer of wood chip, which has slowly turned into soil.

Side illustration of playground beneath the topsoil

What I think we’re working with!

The next session will be the mock bamboo gabions, which will give a better idea of volume and position.