The hedgehogs & the bees

Hedgehog eye view through pipe which goes under the garden fence to outside

A hedgehog highway is simple and essential

Fitting a hedgehog highway and a tile roof for the bee logs

I spent a couple of happy hours this morning, making hedgehog highways, putting a roof on a gabion and fitting the remaining wires for the espaliered fruit trees and honeysuckles in a clients’ garden.

Hedgehog Highways are great, they’re simply access points for hedgehogs to get into your garden. It’s also good to create habitat as well, see Hedgehog Street for more hedgehog info.

The bee logs are made out of Larch, to last a long time, and live at the top of the gabions. But they were getting wet, so I had to rig up some sort of roof out of old bits of slate. To keep the slate in place, I’ll add a simple brick layer on top, artfully positioned to look intentional.

It was good to be in the garden, despite the rain. Maybe because of the rain. Everything is growing, everything is green.

Flower buds and newly opened leaves on a young apple tree

The Crabpple 'Sentinel' is going to flower! Amazing, was only planted a few months ago.