Willow dome and Wildlife Trust

Newly pruned willow dome next to a young Beech tree and blue windowed building

Emergency pruned willow dome!

Pruning the overgrown willow dome at the primary school, and a Wildlife Trust workshop

This morning I took the pruning saw and secateur to the overgrown willow dome in the wildlife food forest at the primary school. The branches were reaching skyward and arching backwards, out of the shadow of the boundary trees, and these branches were as high again as the dome itself, great fronds wreathed in newly emerging leaves.

It was a bit brutal, cutting the willow right back and bending the boughs that could be bent back in on themselves. But, we have no willow dome specialist to hand, only me, and no time, so better to cut now and grow the mistakes out!

The other big event today was a workshop held by South & West Wales Wildlife Trust. It was funded by the Welsh government, and it was about creating connections between nature organisations, residents and businesses. There were some super cool people there, ecology officers, climate activists, county recorders, all sorts.

What really struck me was the breadth of expertise. If we connect and share, then great things can be created, and all this experience and enthusiasm can be built upon.

If you’re in the West Wales area and would like to come along to the next workshop (not sure when, probably late summer?), then drop me an email and I’ll forward the contact information hello@natureworks.org.uk