Photo of heather in a traditional garden

A local garden with traditional ornamental plants

I had an email back from a prospective client, and this is what it said

I tried to get some work via, for a local builder who wanted a garden designing so he could sell the house. I thought carefully about how to pitch it, and went with a traditional (for here) garden with heather and shrubs, thinking how you could make a wildlife edible garden, just in a different style. This is what he said:

This is not the type I want thanks

Firstly, big kudos for actually replying. The vast majority of people don’t bother, maybe 80%? And then saying thank you. And finally, I have learned a lesson, which is to ask people what they want.

I know enough now to create different “styles” (horrible word) but keep the wildlife habitat, native plant and edibles ethic going.