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My clients say the nicest things

After a blip, regular blogging service has now been resumed

The website has been on hold for a couple of weeks. I was trying to install a content management system called Tina CMS but it was beyond my waning technical skills. So I’ve binned the entire history of the website and started again after hours of swearing and not understanding.

This means blogging and updates are back on track. I really want to shift the focus of the website to become a resource. I have a giant list of talks that I’ve given over the years but all the information is locked into individual slideshows. Yes, I have some articles but again, it’s just a long and fairly inaccessible A-Z list.

I’m thinking to populate the structure of my Backyard Forest course on my website, like a written version of the course, with all the resources. But for free, and without my face.

I’m also planning to break the course apart into individual classes; the same kind of structure but it means that it’s easier to update individual classes, and you can buy just the ones you need.

Edit: Oh, I meant to say, a client’s nephew saw their garden, and the 14 year old rugby playing boy said “It’s magical!”. That is a very high accolade indeed!