Screenshot of Classes table from website

Wow, what a table, what a (future) choice of classes

New classes section in place and a renamed store

Ain’t no denying it, we are truly in a Nature and Climate Emergency. Well, there are plenty of people denying it. Whatever we do, there will be radical change. Far better to be the agents of change, in a positive way. But there is not the political will.

What there will be is classes, lots of wildlife, food forest, garden design classes. I have planned fifteen, and have so far made one. I have made a new page for them, with a rather splendid table:

Gardening is fulfilling on a number of different levels:

  • Connects people to our nature
  • Connects people to their food & landscape
  • Good for physical and mental health
  • Can be sociable & strengthen community
  • Provides habitat & food for wildlife

In permaculture design, this is called stacking functions, where an element has more than one function.

I’d like to explore different facets of creating a forest garden with small, 1 hour long, online classes. My best selling course, The Backyard Forest, is great but it is a bit on the dense and chunky side, about 3¾ hours in total. I think classes will be easier to complete, and also easier to keep up-to-date.