Boundary plants

Small pink flowers on bushy perennial

Geranium 'Dreamland', good as a boundary plant

If you have grass paths or a lawn, then boundary plants can help stop grass creep into the border

I have written before about boundary plants to keep grass from creeping into the border.

I have a small gardening job to do, a strip of what was a vegetable bed to be turned over to a pollinator garden. The design angle is that it’s right next to a lawn. So, I turned to Julie at Penlan Perennials for advice on which geranium to use. I had propagated Geranium ‘Rozanne’ for a boundary plant as we had it in the garden already. But as Julie pointed out, it dies back during the winter, so needs more weeding.

This is a very good reason to use a reputable nursery, as they can give such useful advice. And their plants are so healthy as well. This what she said:

Geranium macro. ‘Bevans Variety’ is a good choice. 45cm tall with a spread of 1m. Flowers from May-October and is evergreen. Dreamland is lovely- 50x50cm, May-September or Mavis Simpson- 25x90cm and evergreen. Rozanne dies right back and is best growing through plants as doesn’t have the fullness of the others.

I ended up ordering ‘Dreamland’, because the colour is softer.