Old gardens at St Fagans

Small terraced rear garden with veg

Historic buildings (and gardens) at St Fagans

There is a wealth of design and plant knowledge to be drawn from historic gardens

I was planning a big blog post but time says otherwise. So I shall make do with jotting down some ideas.

The idea was that there is so much history of decent garden and interior space design. St Fagans Museum in Cardiff has plenty of examples. I was speaking to a client about it the other day, and I would love to make a trip and find out more from the very knowledgable guides.

This is part of the email, here for reminding myself to do the research!

There are four really interesting examples of interesting context gardens. The miners cottages each have layout content and varieties that are period appropriate to the cottage as presented. There is a proper farm garden and orchard dynamic at the Red Kennixton farmhouse. The half timbered Anernodwydd farmhouse has a very dynamic 17th century farm garden. But best of all is the thatched Nantwallter cottage which has reconstructed two metre convex bed vegetable gardening and a herb/medicinal garden by the door. Also a very interesting but less gardening related stone pigsty with built in hen house.

Marvellous stuff.