Radical Horticulture

Picture of New Garden Ethic book in amongst grass & flowers

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Gardens are irrevocably connected to society, and we need a radical shake-up of both

I read Benjamin Vogt’s A New Garden Ethic a few years ago (it’s brililant, have a read), and he continues joining up the dots between society, politics, economics and gardening with native plants.

His latest blog is called On Rabbits And Salad Bars in Suburbia:

Ready for a radical thought? It’s not damage. It’s nature. It’s an animal using a plant to survive, and the plant was designed to be eaten.

It’s not really that radical, is it. Is it?! I’ve been describing forest gardens as edible ecosystems for a while now. Building up species diversity is a huge part of that.

We are trying to create an ecosystem, after all, to try and restore some balance up and down trophic levels, and provide a bit of habitat.

Well, maybe it is a radical proposition for Trad Hort™ after all. So I propose, a new HashTag #RadicalHorticulture. Thank you, Benjamin 🙏