Mastodon threads for gardening portfolio

Timber clad gable end of house with climbing rose

The garden at Rhug, one of the gardens in my portfolio

I am putting portoflio photos on Mastodon using threads & notification feature

I post a lot of photos on my Mastodon account I wondered if there was a way to notify ‘subscribers’ of when new photos were added.

If somebody likes or boosts your Mastodon post, when you edit that post, they get a notification. So, by making the top of a Mastodon thread the “head” post, every time I add a photo, I edit the head post and people who boosted that post get a notification.


So, as an example, here’s the head post for my portfolio.

If you have a Mastodon account and boost that, every time I add a photo, you’ll get a notification.

And here’s the Mastodon sub-thread for the Rhug garden:

And the portfolio page for the Rhug garden