And it’s not just me, pretty much every self-employed person, gardener & designer in the land is too!

For bleeding edge words and acronyms I now depend upon my teenage son. I am too tired for TV, too old for gaming.

“OP” stands for Over-Powered. Back in the day, I played Quake (II if you’re asking). Those times when you collected all the armour, weapons and health. That is the feeling of OP. And then I looked for the other players, and my gameplay wasn’t all that.

What the hell has this got to do with gardening? Well, I have dozens of garden projects under my belt (a dozen on my portfolio page). I have a wide-ranging knowledge of forest garden plants, an ever increasing knowledge of native plants and ornamentals. I am skilled at surveying, adept at designing, a whizz with CAD. A good communicator (every single client gets their own project page eg Clifftop). I am garden designer.


But where the hell is the work?!

This is where the gameplay comes in. Using all those skills to best effect and maximum leverage. This is what I need to work on.