View of pavement, kerbstone and road from above

Pavement. Photo from

How much does a pavement (sidewalk) cost? About £360 per metre.

I’m working on a Hope Garden project at my local allotment. One issue is that there is no pavement from the high street to the allotment site. If we want to encourage pedestrians and cyclists (we do), then we need to build proper infrastructure.

I wasn’t sure how much it would cost for the council to put a pavement in, so I found this approximate costing from Wiltshire Council:


To construct a new footway using standard bituminous materials typically costs approximately £250 per metre with kerbing/edgings costing approximately £110 per metre.

To construct a new footways using Yorkstone paving slabs costs approximately £500 Per metre, if Heritage Stone kerbing is required this would cost in addition of approximately £300 Per metre.

A shared use cycleway/footway will be similar to a standard footway. However it will be of greater width and will require additional signing and street lighting.

So, that’s £360 per metre of pavement. I calculated the distance from the high street to the allotment is 280m, which is £100k approximately. That also serves the football club and the community forest garden.