Workshop on Hearing Unheard Voices plus Biodiversity Collage

Screenshot of Unheard Voices workshop

Yesterday’s event

I went to a workshop yesterday and a collage the day before, about deliberative democracy with a big dose of biodiversity

I went to a 3 hour workshop yesterday, Workshop on Hearing Unheard Voices: Listening to future generations and nonhuman nature in Climate Assemblies. KNOCA is the Knowledge Network on Climate Assemblies, and I’m interested from the perspective of the Hope Garden, how to represent future generations and non-human life in the decision making process.

Professor Tatsuyoshi Saijo from Kochi University gave a very inspirational talk about Future Design. How do we take into account future generations in decision making processes? Here’s an article about him in Vox. And a short video about Future Design:

On Tuesday 16th I went to a Biodiversity Collage – this is a method of mutally exploring issues surrounding biodiversity using a similar methodology to a Climate Fresk. Thank you Jen for the invite!