It looks like the same work from the outside

Busy building a website for the Hope Garden and thinking that although it looks like the same work as for any other ‘business’, the end goal is different

I am building a website for the Hope Garden project, “A Climate Assembly at the heart of a wildlife forest garden 💚”. There are lots of working parts in any website, and it takes a not inconsiderable amount of time. My reasoning to do it is to a) make everything public, for reference for within the group and for publicity and b) as a testing ground, to write and sketch ideas out to see how they work.

There’s a blog, a newsletter, a contact form, various icons, an about page etc. I haven’t even started on the plants yet.

This is pretty much the same process for any website, whether it’s for a group of far-right neo-nazis or for climate justice campaigners. What matters is the intent.

And our intent is to reboot democracy, focus horticultural minds on creating nature-friendly, resilient gardens and promote the idea of sustainable edible crops.