The political vs the ideological garden

What does politics and ideology have to do with gardens?

politics with a lowercase ‘p’—as opposed to Party Politics—is everywhere. The shifting sands of power and network of relationships in every society. And this extends to gardening too. The England’s vainglorious colonial plundering bedecks gardens across the globe, in the English Style, don’t you know. Symbols of status, free time, education, standing. Yet also declarations of love, intimacy and connection.

Ideology, on the other hand, well, what good has steadfast ideology ever done? A political garden is one that wears its intent on its sleeve, whereas an ideological garden is unbending, unyielding, with one true vision, believers and non-believers. Life is messy.

I was once criticised for having a photo of a forest garden with raised beds. ‘That’s not a forest garden’ I was told. Now, my forest gardens have ornamental, non-edible flowers, gabions, standing dead, log piles, the whole works.