Where realms collude

Small daffodil in slate bed

Miniature worlds

A garden is where a multitude of ideas, thoughts, lives, intentions, accidents and worlds all conjoin in living surprise

Gardens are so many different things to so many different people and so many different life-forms. This morning, I was thinking about the geometric shapes of the Renaissance garden, an order imposed from above, neatly clipped, controlled. And I thought what a strange process it was for ideas to form and inform a garden.

I’m in the middle of designing a 2 acre forest garden, with an ornamental courtyard and patio, plus a vegetable growing area and polytunnel.

CAD Screenshot of garden plan

The forest garden part of the design

Here I am, positioning digital circles to represent trees on a piece of land 40 miles away.

And then, when the landscaping starts and the paths are cleared, I shall be marking out the trees in all the places that actually work in real life. Where I wanted to put a specific tree, I won’t be able to, but that’s fine, we will work with what we’ve got, in the space where realms collude.