New job, new software

Screenshot of some rather minimal software

Obsidian software, a bit geeky but incredibly useful

I’ve started a new part-time job as Biodiversity Assistant, and found some rather cool software in the process

I started a new part-time job a couple of weeks ago as a Biodiversitiy Assistant for Ceredigion Council, and it’s been pretty full on. There are very exciting wildlife and forest garden related potential projects and crossovers but more of those at a later date, when the dust has settled.

What I have come across is some software called Obsidian, a note taking tool which I’d heard of but never really explored (indeed, I am experimenting with it on this website).

What is so immensely cool is that it is built around Markdown plain text files. Markdown is a very readable and quick to learn markup language, just think plain text formatting like asterisks for bold, underlines for italics.

Yet it also has a very nice interface, so that it’s quite a breeze to write formatted text without having to think about it too much. Combined with a static site generator like Hugo, I reckon it’s simple enough to use as an interface for writing content for most normal, non-techhie folk.