Wood Meadow Café

Cafe seats and overhang, overlooking a football pitch

Yes, I know it’s a football pitch, but imagine if it were a wood meadow, surrounded by hedging?

Imagine a densely wood meadow combined with a cup of delicious beverage and your favourite cake, that is the idea behind the Wood Meadow Café!

What is a wood meadow?

Well, at its simplest, it’s roughly 40% mown meadow and 60% stands of trees and shrubs.

What about a wood meadow café? Imagine, somewhere to sit, decent coffee ☕ & cake 🍰, parking, toilets. And imagine the meadow stretched out before you, with wide mown grass paths curving through the long, flower-studded grass, surrounded by impenetrable hedges. And you can let the children run around, safe yet immersed. Multi-use, multi-generational, supporting sustainable livelihoods.

Who wouldn’t want to go to the wood meadow café?