Bruce Slark Forest Garden Talk

Man standing in front of projector screen

Bruce Slark giving his forest garden talk at Moylgrove Hall

Bruce Slark has been growing a forest garden for nigh on 20 years and his talk at Moylgrove Hall was full of tasty nuggets

Bruce’s talk on his well-established forest garden at Moylgrove Hall was very interesting, particularly because it is well-established. Here at Forest Garden Wales, the fruit trees on a windy hillside are only just starting to bear fruit, so it was great to see a full complement of produce on display.

The other point that hit home is the health aspect. Robert Hart, a pioneer of temperate forest gardens and author of Forest Gardening, apparently had an 80% raw food vegan diet.

Here are my random notes from the evening, really for my benefit but you’re welcome to peruse if you want: