Pt.3 Design a Backyard Forest

CAD plan atop satellite photo

Your map, whether paper or CAD, is where your design unfolds

Part 3 of my online course preview has been livestreamed and is now available on my YouTube channel 🙂

Every week on a Wednesday at 10am, I am a livestreaming a free preview of my online forest garden course, as part of my regular Lockdown Livestream. It’s a bit rough ‘n’ ready but hey, livestreaming. There is lots of good info there for you 🙂

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3. Designing a Backyard Forest

Video now on YouTube

Next livestream Wed 1st July 10am BST

  1. Introducing the Backyard Forest, Wed 10 June
    Why growing edible crops with nature is so important. YouTube recording
  2. Plan, Wed 17 June
    Observations to make, wishes to list & mapping your patch. YouTube recording
  3. Design, Wed 24 June
    How to put things in the right place. YouTube recording
  4. Protection, Wed 1 July 👈 NEXT LIVESTREAM Windbreaks & other tricks to protect your precious plants. Zoom Q&A
  5. Perennial Veg, Wed 8 July
    Resilient & low maintenance veg are on the menu. Zoom Q&A
  6. Trees, Wed 15 July
    Plant the big trees, the canopy layer. Zoom Q&A
  7. Ground Prep, Wed 22 July
    Ways to clear the ground, so as to plant your plants. Zoom Q&A
  8. Shrubs & Ground Cover, Wed 29 July
    Shrubs away & keep the ground covered. Zoom Q&A

Come to whichever livestream takes your fancy. I’ll keep the livestream to 40-45 minutes, followed by a 30 minute Zoom Q&A. If there’s anything you’d like covered, email me


Zoom Q&A

  • Time: 10.45—11:15am
  • Zoom password: hopniss57

The evolution will be livestreamed. And then uploaded to YouTube at a later date.