Deturfing the Greenery

Rainbow over the forest garden

The sun came out mid storm to great effect

After a couple of hours deturfing, I now remember why I prefer sheet mulching in order to remove grass.

Last week I decided to grow more greens in a dedicated Greenery area. Today, the lofty plans came crashing down into muddy grunt work.

I would much rather use sheet mulch to clear the grass—it’s less back-breaking, there’s no turf to move, you keep the nutrients on-site, it’s just better all round. But I want to plant the green things in 2019, so that there’s a decent amount of kale, cabbage and chard for next winter. This means deturfing, in the pouring rain if need be.

Area marked out with white string and bamboo

The proposed extension on the new Greenery bed, waiting patiently to be deturfed

In the spirit of The No-Work Garden by Ruth Stout, which I’ve just started reading, I have mulched the freshly de-turfed area with old hay from the polytunnel and wood shavings from the sawmill. Basically, whatever I had to hand.

Two deturfed areas mulched with hay and wood shavings

Mulch everything, with whatever you’ve got

Poor light stopped deturfing, more fun and games tomorrow 🙂