Now taking bookings for forest garden tours and workshops

Screenshot of Airbnb forest garden workshop booking page

The Forest Garden Wales workshop, tickets are on sale at an Airbnb near you

I’m very excited to announce that the 2019 Forest Garden Wales tours and workshops, known as “Experiences” in Airbnb speak, are now available to book!

Our 2019 workshops and tours are now available to book on Airbnb:

It has been an interesting experience (ahem) to go through the Airbnb application process. Originally, I wanted to sell the workshop and tour direct from the website. But as soon as you involve calendars and multiple bookings, it is a hell of a job to administer all the dates. Airbnb has a carefully crafted process and interface which makes it so much easier.

Another reason to use Airbnb is that there’s not enough demand locally to make a living. I am no Martin Crawford with his vast knowledge, experience and international reputation to draw people in. So my gamble is that it’s better to entice people who are on already on holiday.

The third reason is publicity. I’m not a naturally public sort of person, so I find promoting my work actually really difficult and kind of embarrasing. How quaint, how British…

I do have reservations about the way large multinational tech companies like Airbnb are changing the face of communities around the world. My Mum lives in a pretty English town and says that over half the street is now given over to Airbnbs, and the town is sorely lacking residents. The counterpoint to this is that there is a long and controversial history of second homes in Wales, so the phenomenon is not new, just different. But I need to make a living from forest gardening and tying it in with holiday makers is a way to hopefully make it workable.