The 'Forest Garden System' begins

Close-up of water droplets on cabbage leaf

Rain drops on perennial Portugese Kale

To promote the adoption of food forest gardening, creating ready-made planting plans feels like a good way to go

One of the strange side-effects of working as a wildlife & food forest garden designer is that I don’t have much time for our own forest garden. And it also plays seond fiddle to whichever client garden I’m working on in the moment.

Despite that, I have resolved this year to really get the perennial vegetables established and productive, and have more than just tasting sessions in the kitchen. Part of the challenge is the unknown quality of many perennial vegetables, which is why websites such as,, and are so useful.

Combined with this is a desire to re-write my rather long 3.5 hour online forest garden course and break into more digestible chunks. This makes them more accessible and affordable. As part of the process, I’m creating practical, ready-made planting plans for different sized gardens and situations.

This way, forest gardeners can quickly get planting inspiration for a space, with a list of suggested planting combinations for different conditions.

As the work progresses, I’ll keep updates on my blog :)