Free Online Workshops

Screenshot of livestreaming from the forest garden, view of dead hedge

Livestreaming from the forest garden; yep, it’s a dead hedge

For these difficult times, I’m running a weekly free online forest garden workshop, Wednesdays 10am BST, livestreaming on

Doing my very small bit from a remote hillside in West Wales, I’ve started livestreaming a free online workshop on Wednesdays, at 10am. The workshops are free to view on Twitch:

If you want to join in the chat, you’ll need to sign up for a free Twitch account.

To be notified of upcoming workshops and content, you can sign up for my monthly newsletter and make sure to check the “Signup for notifications, Livestreaming episodes” box:

Screenshot of newsletter signup form

In case you were wondering what a checkbox looks like…

In case you need to be reassured that I’m not a robot or faceless disaster capitalist corporation, here’s a picture of my face (I’m actually not sure that my face is that reassuring…)

Middle aged man squinting through the sun into the mobile phone camera

That’s me that is, mid-livestream from the forest garden

If you would like to contribute towards the costs of running the workshops, you can purchase my online course when it’s ready, or you can donate to my PayPal account, which is under my old company name of Grow Digital. The costs aren’t huge, about 4 hours of my time per week plus £10 a month for the extra mobile bandwidth:

Keep safe out there, look after all yourselves and I hope to see you online at some point. Forest gardens for the win!