Gardener’s log, start date 2018-12-20

Freshly deturfed and mulched side of an existing bed, next to raised beds

The Greenery, finished. Apart from planting the actual green stuff.

I thought I might start using the blog as a log of what I do in the garden, a diary of ramshackle thoughts, minor ramblings and garden ambles.

I’ve been inspired by Alison Levey @papaver’s blog the blackberry garden. It is full of detail, about things as they happen. And I thought, rather than struggle as I so often do with “what on earth I should write about”, it would be easier for all concerned if I just wrote a log of what was happening. You know, a web log. Let’s call it a weblog, or blog for short, eh?

Another advantage is that I’ll mostly be writing logs for myself, my future self. If others find it interesting, that’s a bonus.

On the weblog side of things, I use a lovely bit of software called Hugo. It’s on the techhy-side to set up and it has fantastic little features. If I add Log to the post’s tags, it adds a hashtag to Twitter and also makes it easy to see posts containing that tag. Nifty.

Anyways, back to the forest garden. Today I have finished deturfing and mulching the Greenery, my haven for perennial cabbage and spinach alternatives. I had some help from the chickens (Joan and Betty), although Ron the @ForestGdnDog mostly sat in the way.

Two chickens pecking on wood shaving mulch

Joan and Betty, the Bad Vegan chickens, help spread the wood shaving mulch

It was squally weather, with large rain and the brightest, lowest sunshine. Things glistened, monochromed and silhouetted, flattened out and simplified.

I’ve decided to leave the Brachyglottis sunshine, Filipendula ulmaria (Meadowsweet) and Myrrhis odorata growing where they are next to the Cornus sericea (Red Dogwood) windbreak hedge, as there’s plenty of room at the front for the new green kids on the block.

Addendum: An easter egg for anyone who can find the Star Trek reference.