How green is your garden?

Photo of yellow mustard flowers in foreground with tree lined hedge and bark mulch in distance

Forest Garden Wales, planting in progress

Gardening should be the most environmentally friendly of endeavours but that isn’t necessarily the case

I came across a post about how to Capture carbon in your garden, by @ModernMintLtd. Really simple, and not surprisingly, forest gardening ticks all the boxes.

  1. Plant a tree
    ✔️  Part of the very definition of a forest garden!
  2. Improve your soil (mulch, don’t dig)
    ✔️  Use a living mulch, ie ground cover plants
  3. Cover your soil with plants
    ✔️️  See above!
  4. Don’t use artificial fertiliser
    ✔️  Use mineral accumulators & nitrogren fixers for nutrients
  5. Use peat free compost
    ✔️  Very little compost used, only peat-free potting compost for seedlings

There were some ideas contributed by other people, and again, this is what we’re moving toward:

Contributed ideas

  • No petrol based tools
  • Grow from seed at home
  • Grow as much food as you can
  • Reduce your lawn
  • Don’t heat your greenhouse

We are still using a petrol mower to keep the grass paths short on an acre field. Currently, it’s about 2 hours a week mowing but we’re constantly reducing the amount of grass that has to be cut. Also, it’s taking a while to shift our diet to home grown food, which is as much about knowledge of cooking and plants as it is about a desire to change. This is the third year of the forest garden, and it’s the first time we’ve really noticed an increase in the produce.