Joy of Plants app for iPhone

Screenshots of Joy of Plants database app

Joy of Plants app, alas only avaiable on iPhone

A quick heads up for handy plants database app

On a visit to Penrallt Garden Centre last year, I was trying to track down Mentha longifolia (horse mint) after seeing it used as a rampant ground cover on Martin Crawford’s forest gardening course. The staff member pulled out her iPhone and looked it up for me, on a very handy app called Joy of Plants.

I installed it on my phone, and now use it most weeks; it’s really good for detailed information and photographs of specific varieties, and covers a lot of forest garden favourites as well. In combination with Plants for a Future, a superb resource for forest gardening, all my plant database needs are pretty much met 🙂

What I do find strange though is that, despite the vast and detailed amount of work that has obviously gone in to Joy of Plants, it’s not that widely publicised in the ”gardening social circles” which I’ve started researching. My guess is that the work is one thing, the networking another – all the more reason to join in with groups like Garden Bloggers #gdnbloggers to help spread the word of good work.