Lockdown Livestream, launch of free mini-course

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Livestream launch of free planning mini-course

This Wednesday 3rd June, I’m launching the revamped free mini-course ‘Make a Backyard Forest Plan’, followed by a Zoom Q&A

I’m revamping my free mini-course, all about creating a forest garden plan. Firstly, it’s been renamed Backyard Forest and rewritten, to appeal to people with not-large gardens. Secondly, I’m reshooting all the video. Finally, I’m adding lots of goodies, like a PDF checklist, CAD template and video walkthroughs.

I’m also working on a full online course called Backyard Forest. I was going to use Teachable, a really good platform but pricey. I’m not popular enough to wear pink (Simpsons cultural reference there), so I’m going with the cheap and cheerful Udemy. The good news for you is that the free mini-course will be, er, free and the full course will only be about £20. The bad news for me is that I will never be a millionaire 🧐

In the Livestream, I’ll go over the key points of the mini-course, plus a live demo of creating a CAD plan from scratch. I will be covering ground that I’ve visited previously (forest garden definition, key things to survey, difference between planning and designing etc). Just so you’re warned!

Because of coronavirus, Udemy is really busy, so the launch proper won’t be until mid-June. But I will upload an exclusive password-protected preview onto Vimeo for anyone who comes along to the Livestream chat or Zoom Q&A.

Also, I’ll be answering any forest garden planning and design questions you may have, and you can email questions in advance hello@forestgarden.wales


Zoom Q&A

  • Time: 10.45—11:15am
  • Join Zoom meeting: invite
  • Zoom meeting ID: 760 6332 9967
  • Zoom password: strawberry

Forest Garden Plants

Recording of yesterday’s Forest Garden Plants walkaround, the video now on YouTube. Blog post listing plants are online just for you. Thank you to everyone who watched and came along to the Zoom Q&A, your support is really appreciated 🙏. Hazel asked if I could do a Lockdown Livestream on alliums. I don’t know much about them to be honest, beyond the half dozen that I grow, best I point people toward Stephen Barstow for someone who really knows his onions.