‘Miniature Woodlands’ at Chelsea Flower Show

Jungly forest garden, with spiky leafed plant and opposing leaf tree

Martin Crawford’s forest garden at Dartington. Now that’s a miniature woodland!

Thankfully there is a shift in traditional gardening toward trees & wildlife.

Very interesting news article in the @Telegraph by Helena Horton @horton_official, entitled ‘Miniature woodlands’ which help beat pollution set to overshadow traditional gardens at Chelsea Flower Show. What’s particularly interesting is the fact that tree and wildlife gardening is making inroads into established, ‘traditional’ gardening circles and newspapers.

Although there is more of an emphasis on ameliorating the effects of pollution and not so much about the carbon capturing or productive qualities of trees, it is still all very welcome. Forest gardening isn’t mentioned by name but it is a natural evolution of these ideas*, as it’s a multi-layered way of gardening that utilises trees and is beneficial to wildlife by design (as well as being productive and low maintenance).

I’m planning an Ornamental Forest Garden that will hopefully help more traditional gardeners transition to a forest garden way of gardening.

* Pun intended…