More or less politics

Crowd with banners in front of modern buildings

Strike for Climate in front of council offices in Haverfordwest

Time to redirect my politically charged radical sentiments elsewhere methinks

You might have noticed a bit of heat being generated about Brexit recently. It has a lot of ramifications (electoral transparency, rule of law, survival of meaningful democracy etc.). But I think the @NatureWorksGdn Twitter account is not the place for it.

So, I’m shifting all my political rantings and leanings and railings and ragings over to my personal Twitter account, @DesertLoaf. No more Brexit!. Well, here at least. I will still be tweeting about the Climate Emergency and Mass Extinction, because those are issues directly related to my practise of forest gardening.

Another reason to move the politics elsewhere is that I want to concentrate on creating an online course and my remote forest garden design service, and I think the politics will distract people.

Funky fact: the name Desert Loaf comes from a ’90s Macintosh computer icon set.