Mostly native

View along top of a bank with newly planted hedge

Newly planted hedge on a bank, mostly visible from bits of bamboo

Detail of a mostly native windbreak hedge on the eco-homes project

On part of the eco-homes project I’m landscaping, there’s a 2m high clay and shale bank. Unfortunately, much of the hedge was cut back, leaving some Hawthorn, Hazel and Blackthorn. I have replanted the hedge, with a mix of mostly natives. As it’s a northern hedge, the height of the plants isn’t really an issue.

In a forest garden, grow native plants where you can, as they’ve co-evolved with the wildlife and generally support more species, particularly invertebrates.

Here’s the full list:

Apart from the rose, which was supposed to be a Dog Rose, the only non-natives are the Cornus mas and the Autumn Olive, I added a couple in for the edible berries.

I’ll prune the hedge back in a year, taking out the central leaders to encourage the plants to bush out. Pretty sure no-one will really notice the hedge but it will be a fantastic home for wildlife, with edible berries for humans too.