Perennial Veg workshop April 2020

Small pink flower and green foliage

Siberian Purslane, salad leaf & ground cover

Forest garden perennial vegetable workshop, recorded for your viewing at your leisure

As part of my weekly, free, lockdown special livestreams, last Wednesday 29th April, I talked about perennial vegetables and their place in the forest garden. As always, this was livestreamed on my Twitch channel.

I also had my first ever guest! My friend Martin Hayes is a fantastic orchardist, with years of experience planting and pruning fruit trees. His website is, email

I’ve edited the videos together into one tasty chunk, and the slides are available online:



  • Forest garden definition
  • Why Perennial Veg?
  • Importance of accessbility & protection
  • Top 10 perennial vegetables
  • Inteview with orchardist Martin Hayes 🍎

Martin’s website:

Happy forest gardening, keep well, keep safe 🌳💚🙏