Permaculture Tywi forest garden tour

Chocolate brownies on a white plate

Not forest garden at all really but the vegan chocolate brownies went down well

@PermaTywi came for a #ForestGarden tour on Saturday, about a dozen, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves!

Permaculture Tywi from Llandeilo way (the Tywi Valley) came for a #ForestGarden tour last Saturday. It formed part of their Permaculture Design Course, so I created a bespoke Introduction to Forest Gardening talk for them. Of course, I spelt Tywi wrong! On the plus side, the course leader Paul Jennings told us about the straight tusked elephant and the pivotal role it used played in the ecology. So, my not-haiku became:

Gently balance the garden On the cusp of woodland With minimal elephant

The talk went down well I think, although I do try to squeeze everything in to an hour, so it inevitably bursts the seams of time and spills into an hour and a half. Luckily, people had fuelled up on the famous vegan chocolate brownies (pictured).

One of the great things with talking about what you’ve learned is that you receive more ideas and inspirations in return. One chap mentioned non-woven geotextile mulch as an alternative to woven sheet mulch, Paul Jennings talked about cut and drop mulching, Chris used to be a garden designer and has inspired me to find out more about surveying methods and CAD.

It’s a privilege to share knowledge with such an interesting and engaged group of invdividuals 🙂.