Forest garden tours now operating!

Photo of polytunnel on a slope with raised beds to the side, mature leafless trees behind and blue sky

The polytunnel, raised beds and propagation area in the forest garden

Thanks to inspriation from The People’s Orchard and Permaculture Tywi, we now offer a half-day forest garden tour and talk! £10 per person, minimum 5 people

After the incredibly positive and encouraging feedback from The People’s Orchard and Permaculture Tywi, we’ve decided to offer a half-day tour and talk of our forest garden in Ceredigion.

Concerns that the garden isn’t established enough proved to be misfounded: the feedback we had was that a newly-established forest garden is in many ways an advantage for those wanting to find out about forest gardening. People can see the structure and planting of the land far more clearly.

As we plan is to create the Ornamental Maintenance-free Forest Garden (OMG!), there will be plenty of barebones structure for visitors to learn from for quite a while yet!

For more details, visit the forest garden tour page