Unglamorous grunt work

A mound of bark

It’s not the most glamorous of photographs but then a lot of gardening is about the grunt work

In a garden, it’s 95% perspiration and 5% inspiration

I’ve just done some calculations for our one acre forest garden. We’ve planted the canopy layer and windbreaks, sheet mulched large swathes and are now planting the shrub and ground cover layers. There’s stil 950m² to go, and I’ve worked out that‘s about 170 hours of hard graft. Most of it is hard, repetitive work – wheeling barrow after barrow of bark to mulch the newly revealed brown spongey soil; desnagging recalcitrant ground pegs from the woven plastic sheet mulch; planting dozens of Vinca minor and Symphytum ibericum.

A similar amount of work has gone on behind the scenes with the website: hopefully now, the blog posts are automatically published to our @NatureWorksGdn Twitter page and our Facebook page. To follow, there will be more automatic publishing to other social networks, all from the comfort of our own website.