Wildlife Forest Garden May 2020

Hoverfly on small white flowers

Hoverfly larvae predate on greenfly, don’t you know

My next free lockdown forest garden livestream is:

The Wildlife Forest Garden

Wednesday 6th May, 10am BST


I’ll be looking at why forest gardens are so good for wildlife, the importance of native plants, easy wildlife features for your garden, plus a short walk outside.

Also, Sarah Wilson’s, who creates the Roots and All podcast, has very kindly made an exclusive video for me to air, giving a 10 minute tour of her wildlife garden. She’s a real inspiration, do give her podcast a listen, there’s lots of previous episodes.

Look forward to you seeing me (if that makes sense, this Twitch livestreaming is a bit one way!). There will also be a recording on my YouTube Channel. Please subscribe to my channel because then I get to give it a proper name rather than UCKXKUlYUniJwEy1Lkvs78qw 🙂

Keep safe, keep well, keep fighting ✊🌳💚